Ecuadorian-born Dr. Segundo Wong Mayorga was the mastermind behind the organisation and founder of Reybanpac (Rey Banano del Pacifico C. A), the holding’s flagship company. His parents were Moises Wong, from China, and Lastenia Victoria Mayorga, an Ecuadorian.
Dr. Wong married Norma Naranjo Viera, with whom he had three children, Vicente, Rafael and Gisella Wong Naranjo, who worked with him at his various companies.

He went into agriculture in 1956, providing bananas to export companies. Later on, in association with other banana producers, he began exporting directly and eventually founded Rey Banano C.A. in 1977, becoming and independent exporter and securing his company’s place in the banana export industry.
As an active participant in the Ecuadorian business sector and a pionner in opening non-traditional markets for Ecuadorian bananas. he was awarded  THE DISTINCTION OF GRAND COMMANDER OF THE NATIONAL ORDER OF MERIT.

During his life, he received the following awards and recognitions:

• The Entrepreneurial and Humanitarian Character Recognition Award from the El Oro Province Attorneys Association.
• The Quevedo Canton Best Cattle Raiser and Banana Exporter Award from the Cantonal Agricultural Centre.
• 1984 Man of the Year Award from the Imagen Advertising Corporation.
• International Trophy for Quality awarded by the Editorial Office from Spain.
• Decoration for Agricultural Merit awarded by the Zone II Chamber of Agriculture.
• Recognition for Merit, Trade and Agricultural Development conferred by the Cantonal Agricultural Centre of Pasaje.
• Decoration of the Armenian Supreme Soviet and its Council of Ministers.
• 1990 Man of the Year Award from the Guayaquil Association of Journalists.
• Decoration for Entrepreneurial Merit awarded by the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce.
• Decoration for Work-Related Merit awarded by the Ministry of labour and Human Resources on July 3, 1998.
• Doctor Honoris Causa granted by the Machala Technical University in April 1998.
• Decoration for Agricultural Merit awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.