The Wong Foundation also promotes scientific research in its own protected area at the Rio Palenque Science Center, established in 1970 by Miami University and purchased by the Wong Foundation in 1988. Located at Km. 56 on the Quevedo – Santo Domingo Highway, the Rio Palenque Science Center comprises approximately 100 hectares of tropical rainforest, part of which is primary forest.

A fundamental aspect of Wong Foundation mandate is its ecological awareness and responsibility, which entails protecting the biodiversity of the tropical rainforests of Ecuador. A wealth of flora and fauna has been identified in this zone. Around 20% of the species are endemic and are under our protection.

Among the projects conducted by the Center was a World Bank-funded, three-year native-medicinal-plant domestication program involving bioaccumulation of the plants’ active ingredients.

The Center property also includes around 100 hectares of low environmental impact crops such as rubber and macadamia trees. In 1971, the Rio Palenque Science Center was declared a Protected Forest by the National Government. It is one of the last tropical rainforest in the Ecuadorian coastal region.