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Our Dairy Unit is currently the largest fluid milk producer and marketer in the country with its Reyleche, Reyqueso, Reyogurt, Reycrema, and Lenutrit brands.

We have reached a record first-place in volume of milk production with Sahiwal cows in Ecuador. Our success comes from a combination of efficient processes, guaranteed by the food safety standards.

The excellent health and feeding conditions of the cattle provide quality raw milk to our two industrial plants, which are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a highly trained staff that guarantees product standardization and quality. Added to this is our nationwide distribution network, which has won the first places in consumer preference for each of our commercial lines.

We also have the country’s largest network of storage centers to ensure raw milk supply.

Our thirty years’ experience in Sahiwal livestock husbandry, coupled with the investment we have made in genetic improvement, has enabled us to enter the industrial sector bringing greater milk production and quality to all of Ecuador with the different dairy products we market.