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The Wong Foundation was created in 1993 to administer and broaden the social programs that the company has been carrying out as part of its social concerns. It is a catalyst for the empowerment of the communities surrounding our plantations and develops the potential of our stakeholders, forms rural leaders and opens the door to jobs in the company.

The Foundation benefits 150 children in preschool programs, 145 children in 3 private primary schools and 171 adolescents and adults in its secondary education program.

In 2005 the Wong Foundation implemented a Tutorial Learning System (TLS), in which both young people and adults in rural areas have easy access to quality high school education without leaving their communities. TLS releases individual potential through a suitable methodology that recognizes and exalts the nobility of the human spirit, creating leaders capable of facing the challenges in their jobs and in community development.

TLS graduates hired by the company continue their education in a University Distance Learning Program sponsored by the Foundation in which other employees participate, as well