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Our company is committed to the country’s agribusiness development. We produce and market agricultural supplies, provide quality technical advice, and are leaders in fertilizer import and marketing, formulating complete fertilizers for the needs of different crops.

Ecuadorian farmers are our priority. We seek to meet their needs and contribute to their development through technology transfer by qualified personnel to fine tune product use, providing training to an average of 600 farmers every month.

In the last few years, we have diversified our business lines toward the sale of agrochemicals; products for livestock, aquaculture, and poultry raising; and agricultural supplies in general.

To serve our end customers better, we have created our own distribution network called Fertisa Insumos y Servicios Agropecuarios (Fisa). There are currently 57 Fisa outlets located throughout the major farming regions in the country.

This Unit operates in accordance with the current regulatory framework for development of human talent and environmental protection and an ISO 9001:2000-certified production process