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  • Companies / Industries
    • Reybanpac
      Flagship company of the Holding founded by Dr. Segundo Wong Mayorga on September 19, 1977. It is engaged in production, export and trade, and its main business lines are bananas, dairy products, forest products, plastic containers, palm and other agricultural products.

      Fertisa, Fertilizantes, Terminales I Servicios S.A.
      The company imports, produces and sells fertilizers, agrochemicals and livestock products; it owns a multipurpose port terminal offering services for loading and unloading bulk cargo and containers.

      The company offers plant health services and technical assistance to agricultural plantations for the control of pests and diseases.
  • Corporate Responsibility
    • Wong Foundation
      The Foundation benefits 150 children in preschool programs, 145 children in 3 private primary schools and 171 adolescents and adults in its secondary education program.
    • Rio Palenque Scientific Centre
      Wong Foundation mandate is to promove ecological awareness and responsibility, which entails protecting the biodiversity of the tropical rainforests of Ecuador.
    • Certifications

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