We have been pioneers in opening new markets with excellent quality, efficient processes, and on time deliveries for more than 37 years.

We strive to distinguish ourselves through excellence. We stay close to our customers wherever they are in the world, providing certified production, flexibility in packaging and multiple port-of-destination options.
We have over 6,500 hectares in production in the highest yielding areas of Ecuador and have become leaders in sustainable prime-quality banana growing. We offer the most robust plants, controlled processes, consistent product quality, long shelf life, and a traceability system guaranteed by good agricultural practices standards.

Our efficient production and marketing chain enables us to ensure the availability of fruit all year round. Using the best shipping services and our own dedicated logistics team, we reach consumers from the largest supermarket chains with a brand of bananas that is widely recognized for its quality and high standards.

Our company also holds prestigious, internationally recognized certifications. We are firm believers in sustainable development and have operated under a policy of social and environmental responsibility throughout the years, continuously creating sources of employment that contribute to the socioeconomic development of our country.

African Palm

In 2004, we began planting African palm, working with sustainable management of our plantations, thus ensuring environmental conservation.

Our plantations come from certified seeds recognized for their high yields, which have been key to our leading position in the oil palm sector. Our constant innovation of our products and a group of people highly committed to the development of our work, enabled our company to be present in this increasingly important market.

Initially located in the north, the African palm crops have recently been extended to the centre and south of Ecuador. By taking advantage of these more favourable weather conditions, we have enhanced productivity, thus achieving our business goals.

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